Imaging, the hot spot

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Imaging, the hot spot

Unread post by karatestu »

Is imaging important to you ? With pin point imaging there is most definitely a hot spot where the music sounds best. Best imaging is said to come from thin baffles all else being equal. But i would argue that phase has a lot to do with it as well. I actually don'treally care about imaging in the grand scheme of things. Sure it would be nice to have but i am not going to sacrifice other more important aspects to get it.

Semi omni works with the room and fills the room with sound unlike point & squirt. You can walk around the room and the sound is much more consistent. You get more direct radiation from a woofer that is upfiring when you stand up but move out of the direct wave from the tweeter. It is a shame that small dome tweeters are so directional but you cant change physics.

So how do we get even more room filled sound with no hot spot - you can sit anywhere and it sounds the same ? Is it even possible ? The doc had respect for Shahinian. Whilst not true omni they do have tweeters which do not fire straight at you. Many fire up at 45 degrees so you get a lot of first reflection off the ceiling. The obelisk has multiple tweeters firing in different directions .

So the way forward for me seems to point towards pseudo omni with all drivers pointing in directions other than straight at me. Sod the imaging. I want to enjoy the music regardless of which sofa i slob on. I don't want to have to put expensive and ugly room treatments all over my room. No disrespect to anyone here that uses dsp or other eq but i don't want to have to resort to that either.

What was my point ? Can't remember now.
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Re: Imaging, the hot spot

Unread post by Alfi »

Stu just enjoy the music.

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Re: Imaging, the hot spot

Unread post by Fretless »

I very much enjoyed the imaging and soundstage of Magnepan planar speakers when I had them. The effect can be described as a picture painted in space with each voice/instrument having its' own space.

The Cubes come close to this effect, with a different form of presentation but with more 3D-depth and considerably more dynamic punch and 'life'.
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Re: Imaging, the hot spot

Unread post by CN211276 »

I dont think Cubes fall short in the imaging department. Where they really score is the sound stage and the impression of the music coming from outside of the room, if you know what I mean. Not forgetting they sound good from anywhere in my rectangular shaped room.
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