Combined LP, CD, Speakers

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Re: Combined LP, CD, Speakers

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I've ordered the 'soundmaster MCD1700' for my dad. It looks compact and easy to use.

re: tape decks, I had a Yamaha cassette deck and before that a Nakamichi 480z (always wanted the dragon). Now if a tape is played it's with an old walkman or a tiny Alba boom box. The Yamaha deck was probably like yours karatestu, a KX----- model but I can't remember which. My first foray into cassettes was in the early 80's on my parents Waltham music centre, taping the top 40 pop songs. Adam and the Ants ! Happy days.
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Re: Combined LP, CD, Speakers

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That looks perfect for your Dad's needs.
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Re: Combined LP, CD, Speakers

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We must be around the same age Mr Ribbon as I was obsessed with Adam & the Ants. I got to see Adam Ant play live last summer and it was awesome.

My tape deck was a Richer Sounds special, and was £250 in the late 90's if I remember rightly. The mags were wetting themselves about it at the time but to be honest it is nothing special.
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