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Another Wow! The BMU has lifted the performance of my 4 A70's. They were run via an old Isotek mains conditioner, which was pretty good. But, I never realised how much this was restraining the amps. All so much freer now, more plangent, the decay, dynamics and transients are just more there. This is after just a few hours running in. Can't wait for it to be fully run in.
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Unread post by Theo »

Paul kindly delivered my new NVA BMU unit yesterday, and I spent the latter part of the afternoon re-arranging equipment and socketry to suit the new arrival. This 'review' is based on listening to one vinyl album and three CDs, so it is only a snapshot view, but there is a noticeable uplift in sound quality. Apologies for any hifi w*nk words that follow...

The first thing I noticed I'd call 'presence': the soundstage seems to have moved forward and is sharply defined. Bass quality has improved immeasurably, being less 'wooly'. Albums I know well seem to have been 'turbo charged': they feel 'faster', & previously hidden details brought into focus. It feels far more dynamic.

I'm normally not one to make early comment, wanting to live with a new piece of equipment for some time before commenting, but this was a real surprise for me. I had assumed that my mains supply was good enough (between 236 and 244V, no extraneous noises), but it certainly benefits from the BMU. It's still early days, but all I want to do is get back home and play some music.
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Here's a review of my upgrade from A80MKII to MKIII:

This week I received my upgraded A80s. My A80s were, I think, the last amps that Richard worked on before he passed away. They were the first and, I think, only pair in the wild that were fitted with the higher quality transformers that Richard had planned to start using more widely across the product line. These amps were a noticeable improvement on the stock A80MKII. But even then, the improvement following the upgrade to MKIII spec is not at all subtle. It's not easy to describe what's special about NVA amps, but for me it comes down to the way the sound fills space - it has a distinctive kind of presence, that's very natural and very addictive. It goes without saying that the amps have retained this quality, and so the NVA magic is still there. But otherwise it's like having a new set of amps - increased detail, better separation, better imaging, deeper and more controlled bass, higher and more detailed highs. The MKIIs were certainly no slouch in any of these areas, but still the jump to MKIII is significant and not at all subtle. And importantly, even with the more detailed highs, the sound is still as natural and unfatiguing as ever - I could (and will!) listen for hours. I haven't had much of a chance to really crank them yet - the downside of lockdown is that my neighbors are at home all the time! - but what's surprised me is how great they're sounding, and how discernible all of these improvements are, even at pretty polite volume levels - the bass in particular is very present even when they're playing quietly. A couple of small points: The MKIIs emitted a quiet, but still noticeable hum. Likewse, the speakers when connected to the MKIIs would emit a quiet hum, noticeable when no music was playing. The amps and the speakers are now completely silent. Tomasz and Paul are clearly onto something with the MKIII component changes.

I sent the amps in the new boxes, which worked very well, and the turnaround was speedy. Tomasz had clearly given the amps a good clean as well - they came back looking better than they went out.

To sum up, the upgrade to MKIII spec is money well spent. Thanks guys! :grin:

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Unread post by Latteman »

A20se- I find these reviews difficult as I can never express verbally what I hear / feel.
I jumped at the opportunity to purchase the ‘forum member only’ offer on the A20 earlier this year: upgraded transformer and caps but still in the cute A20 size case that complements my P20 so well.
The A20se replaces an A20.
The packaging and white glove were a nice touch- the amp is hidden deep in my system fed by P20, ssp mk2 and ls6 to the doc modded drivers in a large cube like enclosure
After a brief chat with Paul today and his enquiry about the A20se prompted me to dig deep for an honest response as honestly it’s has been fit & forget (and now this review from what I said)

It’s amazing, never been happier with the music, the bass has especially become richer over time as it’s settled in and is now so musical- I remember being at Ants and listening to his ‘large’ full range and amazed at the delicate bass line / control from such large beasts- well I have that pleasant sensation in my own room- the bass is not forced and is proportionate to the type of music wether it’s AC/DC, Rag n Bone-man or London grammar.
I did a back to back ‘test’ one evening with a audiophile friend (pre- Cv-19) and both agreed at that time the initial difference was the tonal richness from vocals- vocal image held the stage better- very positive evening.
I love this little amp and honestly as it’s hidden it maybe out of sight but in reality it can’t be forgotten.
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