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Graham (by email)

Upgrade from Rega EAR. I am really thrilled with the NVA Headphone Amplifier which just oozes quality in addition to the weight being reassuring. I connected it to my Marantz CD63 KI Signature CD player and used my Sennheiser HD700 headphones and the sound is superb. I played some of “The Planets” as recorded by Charles Dutoit with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra and “Mars” was exhilarating. This recording won the Gramophone Magazine Award in 1987 for “Best Engineered recording”. I have attached the article from the October 1987 edition of Gramophone. It really is an exceptional recording. If only all progressive rock albums of the 70s were recorded to that level of audio magnificence!
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This is a review but probably for a very unique system so might not be that useful for many . Apologies but I think it does how the way in which NVA Amps can be used .

I recently had an NVA 20 upgraded and bought a newly upgrade NVA 20 from another on the forum . Being something of a disaster area I had blown up two NVA 20 units one was able to be repaired and upgraded the other was a nice box of parts. This all happened just a covid came in and when Tomasz went back to Poland . So only by the middle of September was I able to get my 20 repaired and I bought another upgrade unit .

In my spare bedroom and playing as I write this (Soul on Ice by Me'shell Ndegeocello for thos interested) I have my DIY (well sort of) Active system it is a Raspberry PI with HiFiBerry Digi + hat feeding a MiniDSP DDRC 24 unit which acts as Digital Crossover / DAC / Pre and DSP unit using DIRAC Live 3.0 . The signal for each speaker unit was then fed to a pair of Fidele Audio modified and matched Quad 405 power amps one each side (Left/Right) powering a stacked pair of KEF 103 Reference speakers from 1973/4 . These sit one on top of the other on a granite board on spikes . The top pair are fully connected with both bass and treble units . The lower pair are connected by the bass units only to add additional low end power .

The two NVA 20 power amps have today been installed in place of the Quads this is a pair of 20 watt units replacing a pair of 100 watt units so on the face of it not the best idea . I will be honest after playing three or four tunes early today I thought I had made a big mistake the sound was narrow and thin and no bass . Voices sounded synthetic and there was no sound stage . After making a cup of tea to calm down and then going through all the connections and settings (this is a long job) I found that I had not made any errors. Two NVA amps were about to be ripped out and sent to the stack for storage .

Then I had a think these were effectively two brand new amps and really had not had any running in except for the testing done at NVA . So I went and had breakfast and took a short walk leaving the music playing at decent volume . A return some hour and half later and things were much improved . Bass was there but not over played it also now had texture I could tell how the string was being played plucked , hammered etc . Voices were now real people and they had also gained texture and emotion . To my surprise the sound that illustrated the most difference was hand claps you now were very easily aware of when they were real and made by people or digital synthetic claps as a backing .

The NVA now sound superb with real natural sound and a very surprising ability to drive the system to very loud levels . The Quads had been excellent but this is sound better in every way , more control more width and depth and a nice ability to hear in to the recording . You can hear the differences in quality of each recording and you are certainly aware when the quality is not of the best but most important the music shines through and you get the enjoyment of that without the faults being highlighted so much that it makes it unlistenable and i have experienced this before . The NVA Amps will be staying put I will just have to find another project for the Quad 405's . Thanks to NVA for all their hard work and if anyoen is interested in hearing what I am hearing this will be my system when the Wam Show returns and anyone is welcome to drop in say hello tell me I am deaf or buy me a drink

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