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Re: My latest obsession

Unread post by karatestu »

Hypnotic yeah. Been listening to some Can recently which might have had an influence. I'm sure it will turn into something eventually. It's not hard to play but I love stuff like that, over doing it can really spoil the feeling sometimes.
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Re: My latest obsession

Unread post by Fretless »

A lot of the Krautrock bands used a rhythmic basis they called 'motorik' - a very stready, simple beat that the rest could build-up and improvise over. the band Neu! is a good example.

More recently there is an American outfit called 'Maserati' who are heavily influenced by Krautrock and make a sort of high-intensity Post-Rock. Really worth checking out.

(on the opening track, drums come in at about the 5-minute mark)

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Re: My latest obsession

Unread post by slinger »

Jaki Liebezeit (Can) was probably the earliest pioneer of "motorik," along with Klaus Dinger of Neu! Dinger actually named it the "Apache beat," I assume, after the Indian drums in all of those old cowboy movies: ONE-two-three-four, ONE-two-three-four, etc. Smoke signals were optional I assume. :lol:
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