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Yeah there are a few power supplies :dance: But if I use all EI frame transformers (which is the aim) there is not a huge surge of current at switch on like there is with toroidal. Another advantage of using EI transformers. My RCD used to trip when I turned everything on but that doesn't happen anymore. It used to be ok second time as the capacitors had got a bit of charge in them by then.

Quite an undertaking I know but it will be worth it. The aims are

1) Have as little on show as possible, just the CDP and Turntable on top (having had their psu's offloaded
2) To look like a nice piece of traditional furniture not some sort of ugly oil rig
3) Site ALL the power supplies as far away as possible from the circuitry they power. Doing that is always beneficial for the music ime. Putting them at ground level will lower the unit's centre of gravity (the psu makes up the lion's share of the weight of a unit).
4)) Getting the amplifiers, selector switch, volume control(s) and sources as close together as possible. Keeping signal wiring between stages as short and direct as possible for low capacitance which is important when using a passive preamplifier stage.
5) Have all wiring internal and hardwired where possible. Lose as many plugs and sockets as is practical. Just one power lead and speaker wires on show (that one is for Jammy :grin: ).
6) Keep the unit central to the speakers to keep speaker wires as short as possible. The speaker sockets are going on the sides for easy access and to keep the wiring short.
7) Future proof. As I don't expect to change anything except possibly the cdp (if I run out of spare lasers) then there will be little to do. As long as the front panel is removable then I will be able to service it and add a psu in case I ever get a file/ streaming based source going.
8) Easy to dust.
9) Safe to use - no external metal apart from the sources (which have had the psu's removed). All wood on the outside and so no chance of a mains shock (like double insulated). Even the external knobs and their extension shafts are going to be wood.

You may think the above is all unnecessary anal nerdery but it should make for a killer system. My wish is to just enjoy the music when it is all done, no box swapping, no thinking what if I just.......

NVA is for life not just for Christmas :grin:
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