The BMU Bandits

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Re: The BMU Bandits

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Very pleased to see Alan (Firebottle) has been man enough to admit his mistake, 'he who throweth the first stone and all that'
Nice work by you Paul in putting across your points so well, at least the one post that I saw.

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Re: The BMU Bandits

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The original owner of the unit has just admitted to me that "my wife put the steam generator iron into the extension connected to the bmu".

Here are their original emails to me...

In January:

"Dear NVA

I purchased bmu last year April however it has just stopped functioning changed the fuse in the plug no joy I would be grateful for your advice please"

In March:

Not sure if the unit would be covered by warranty or repair I am sure you will advice.

Again, for the avoidance of doubt and for correction of the malicious / education of the ignorant... email or a call from Alan, to ourselves, would have filled in some very pertinent gaps in Alan's knowledge and understanding of the design of the unit (and the general principles of Class II construction). Instead, and without contacting us, he chose to post hysterical, inaccurate and libellous content at a number of national forums (all those that he is a member of, it appears). He has apologised, since, but the reputational damage has already been done. We still reserve the right to take legal action in the future to recover any losses suffered by us, as a result of his postings.

Alan has confirmed that the unit failed because it was severely overloaded. There are a number of possible events when this happens. The plug fuse can blow, the distribution board RCD can trip, or in the worst case scenario when neither of those happens, the unit will heat to the point where the transformer fails. The heat is contained by the double insulated construction. PVC foam does not burn (it melts), acrylic does not burn (it may warp, and it may give off fumes, but the fumes are contained by the double insulated construction), the transformer does not burn (the encasing of the transformer would not cause it to heat up - if that were the case then the hundreds of thousands of transformers in use that are potted in epoxy resin would have long since been an issue). In short, nothing can catch fire and the unit failed in the way it was designed to - which is to contain the heat until the unit fails completely.

The design is not unsafe (I see that Alan has now agreed and posted that there is no fire hazard), but we understand that an outcome that requires a repair is inconvenient, and that is why we offer a thermal cut-out option on the BMUs that we sell (since we bought the remaining assets of the company in August 2019).
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