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Re: New Adventures in Chi-Fi

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Been doing a bit of reading up about Class D processing, crosstalk and Bridge-Tied Load.

A common thing found with Class D is that, because both stereo channels are being processed simultaneously within the same chip, that there is some leakage of audio between the two channels; 'Crosstalk'.
This leads to a smearing of the stereo image and a reduction in detail.

Running in mono mode eradicates this problem. But there are two different approaches utilised by Class D chips to achieve this:
The TPA3255 processors in the Aiyima A07 make use of Parallel Bridge-Tied Load where the two stereo channels both process the mono signal in tandem, producing twice the output with a maximum (using the right PSU) of 600W.

The Infineon chips in the Sabaj A10a 2022, run BTL mono mode where one of the stereo channels inverts the mono signal, creating a push-pull clamp on the loudspeaker drivers that provides more dynamic control and detail.

Information overload !

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