I just bought an unexpected amp

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Re: I just bought an unexpected amp

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I still have an Arcam CD62T CD player in occasional use here.
Lovely-sounding CDP. :music-listening:
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Re: I just bought an unexpected amp

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Daniel Quinn wrote: Tue Oct 12, 2021 9:05 am slinger if i can do it with only my none dominant left hand working anyone can. it is very good at making your none dominant hand more dexterious..

Luther (now 7 ) is so taken with the idea he uses his none dominant hand to write with for 15 mins a day , because ive told him in 2 years he will be ambidexterious.
Sadly my age, sausage fingers, and my arthritis really do negate any more projects of that nature. I've got over 30 guitars, and some days getting further than picking one up is a trial. I would love to be able to build things. I was always shite at DIY, but I had a few successful projects, and as far as electronics goes I used to build guitar pedals, and my last electronics success (i.e. it worked first time) was a valve buffer based on the Musical Fidelity X10.

It's an excellent idea to get your lad to feel comfortable using either hand. I'm one of those terribly confused people, I'm left-hand dominant, e.g. I write left-handed, but I taught myself to play guitar right-handed. I used to play squash and tennis left-handed but could swap the racquet to my right hand to get wide returns on that side of the court. I could putt left or right-handed, but I could only swing a golf club right-handed. I'm completely right-footed though, I can't kick properly with my left for love nor money. Once it was too late I realised I should have worked on that.

Going off at a tangent and rambling is, so I've heard, another sign of ageing... :lol:

I stick to building stuff via my computer software these days, and it's still much neater than when I had full use of my hands. :lol:
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Re: I just bought an unexpected amp

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Will these surprise purchases never cease :o
Well it will give us something to read, so now looking forward to seeing how you progress.
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Re: I just bought an unexpected amp

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When I did a bit of work for Richer Sound, I worked along side some good guys and this looks like the work of my ex boss and good friend Larry Reed.
His attention to ultra fine detail and style was often bloody irritating but his work always looked good and sounded not bad.
He has now started hi own company designing kit for lots of companies not mine, Reed Acoustics.
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