Full set of NVA measurements published...

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Re: Full set of NVA measurements published...

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Thinking about this a bit more seriously, there are some specifications / measurements that are of some use and which are very much of the NVA ethos.

Number of active amplification devices in the pre-amps: 0
Percentage of signal fedback in the pre-amps: 0
For the SA pre-amps, variable resistors used: 0

For the power amps, Input impedance: whatever it is. Plus whatever else it is about the input characateristics that make them more suitable to passive pre-amps than most power amps.
Zobel networks used in the power amps: 0?

Electrical conductivity of cases > 10^15 ohm-cm

Number of op amps used: 0
Transformers in signal path:0

Number of active amplification stages between source and speakers: x for digital, y for vinyl.

etc etc
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