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How to support NVA

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Here's how members can members can help NVA to reach more customers...

The NVA Website - this is going to be our priority channel as it's our best resource for content management (building up a library of articles that will be of interest to potential NVA customers and hi-fi enthusiasts, generally) and SEO (search engine optimization - getting onto the first page of Google results for the search terms that we are targeting). How you can help:

Sign-up for our newsletter. The sign-up form is in the website footer (at the bottom of every page). Email is the most effective and most cost efficient way of talking to existing customers, potential customers and other hi-fi enthusiasts.

Stay subscribed to the newsletter - there's £200 of NVA cables to be won, every month!

Like, comment on, and share our website blog articles. Pages with such activity get pushed up the Google rankings.

Link to our website blog articles from other forums that you are members at - inward links are a big plus point when Google is deciding how to rank a website.

NVA website Blog homepage:

Facebook - it's important for us to have a Facebook presence (it's the number one social channel for our core age group), but we want to minimise paid adverts and get more organic reach. How you can help:

Like our Facebook page.

Like, comment on, and share our Facebook posts.

Link to our Facebook posts from forums that you are members at (here and elsewhere). If you share our 'Win £200 of cables' post, for example, we get more Facebook page followers and more newsletter subscribers. Double-bubble!!

NVA Facebook page:

Instagram - not our core channel but important to have a presence. Has a younger audience than Facebook and will be more effective for us when we start creating video content. How you can help:

Follow our Instagram Profile.

Like, comment on, share and 'SAVE' our Instagram posts. A save is worth 3 likes!

NVA Instagram profile:

You Tube - we will be creating YT content over the coming months. Will post once we are up and running.
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