Why you should keep your NVA packing boxes...

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Why you should keep your NVA packing boxes...

Unread post by savvypaul »

Every so often, we get an item in for upgrade or repair and the owner has binned the bespoke box / packaging that we supplied their item in. In the last few days we've had several enquiries for trade-ins, and most of those owners have also binned the boxes. I would urge you not to bin the boxes, for these reasons...

The boxes that we have provided in the last 3 years are purpose made for us, to make packing easy and to keep your item safe in transit. They are double wall stapled boxes with additional reinforcement and they come with bespoke polyethylene cartons. They meet all courier standards, so in the rare event of an accident en route to us, it is much easier for you to make a successful insurance claim.

The value of your trade-in item will be significantly reduced if you don't have the original boxes. This not only reflects the costs of replacement boxes, but also that we may not be able to sell your trade-in until we have the replacement boxes (see below).

We don't routinely have spare boxes hanging around. We buy enough boxes to match the number of cases that we buy. If you have binned boxes, and now want to purchase more, we will have to tag your requirements on to our next order of boxes. That could be some months away.

Bespoke boxes are bloody expensive, and they have gone up in price by about 30% since Covid. A pair of replacement M300 boxes will cost us over £65, for example.

Find a space in your loft for our lovely boxes!! They will repay you, handsomely... :grin:
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Re: Why you should keep your NVA packing boxes...

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I'd love to have a loft . . .

But I have stacked my boxes in the corner . . . all 6 of them :)
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