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Unread post by Dr Bunsen Honeydew » Sun Oct 30, 2016 3:08 am

Once again confusion reigns even though I have explained it over and over again. The latest being because of the A20 / P20 starter kit.

Firstly please note this starter kit was sold as a system so the only way it can be returned via ebay is as a system, not part of it. Otherwise I get no end of problems with ebay and paypal. Also note I cannot trade back the cables, they were supplied free with the system so have no value for trade in. Keep them or sell them privately.

The ONLY way sensibly to provide you with a trade in service that doesn't create cock-ups and problems for me and with ebay and paypal is to follow my instructions below to the letter. This is also the ONLY way I can trade in separate items (not cables) from the starter kit.

NOTE - PX is only like for like, power amp for power amp, pre amp fo pre amp, cable for cable etc
NOTE - trade in is only allowed against new product not other trade in.

1/ buy the new item you want and pay for it.
2/ I build it and send it to you
3/ you compare with the item you are thinking to trade in and send back *which ever* one you don't want for refund against the new sale.
4/ the returned item must have full paper work enclosed about sale date and price you paid and about you as I don't have time to go searching for it.
5/ if within two years of purchase and not damaged (usage marks are ok) you will get *what you paid* in PX
6/ if damaged or older than two years we will make you a fair offer of trade in value.

NOTE also that returns are your responsibility not mine, if damaged due to bad packing, or not insured it will be down to you to sort out. I recommend Interparcel Standard Service (UPS) and insure to full value.