Covid "jab" and Nhs.

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Re: Covid "jab" and Nhs.

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karatestu wrote: Thu Jan 28, 2021 7:40 am My mother had her first jab yesterday :dance: Such a relief. Nearly lost her a while back and the last year and a bit has been a nightmare of worry and anxiety. It's not the end of vigilance by any means but a step forward.
Good for her Stu and a weight off your mind. :clap:
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Re: Covid "jab" and Nhs.

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Good news, Stu.

My mum got a phone call from her GP's surgery yesterday. They asked a load or questions (which fortunately one of her carers was on hand to answer, otherwise she wouldn't have heard half of them) and said that as soon as they received stock they'd be round to vaccinate her. This, after telling me that it was all down to the district nurses in this area.

A district nurse popped in this morning to take some blood and confirmed it was nothing to do with them

It doesn't instil a great deal of confidence in the "system," does it? :lol:
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Re: Covid "jab" and Nhs.

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You think there's something that's THE NHS?

Nope. Remember Bevan 'Stuffed their mouths with gold' to stop opposition form existing practitioners in 1947. Well, all those GP surgeries are all independent businesses. They are funded by a local Clinical Commissioning Group. This decides what services are needed in a local area. The leadership of these has transitioned from the NHS to Local Authorities a few years ago. Then there's the Local Community Health lot (the District Nurses), then there's a 'Partnership Trust' which deals with Adult Mental Health, then there's the Critical Care - the hospitals which provide A&E and various inpatient and outpatient treatments and maternity. On top of all that you have NHS England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. And you have NHSX (used to be NHS Digital) which is reponsible for information governance policy and IT. NHS reports to the Department of Health and Social Care. Social Care... need I go on?

Anyway, somehow out of this morass, I'm reasonably sure that someone will pop in and give your Mum the covid jab.
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Re: Covid "jab" and Nhs.

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Got my letter today and the first jab will be on 1 March. :banana-blonde: :banana-blonde: :banana-blonde:
I think Wales is ahead of England.
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Re: Covid "jab" and Nhs.

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Had mine last week, it never improved my balance so wife fibbed , she said I could walk afterward without a stick she lied, I hate needles.
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karatestu (Tue Feb 16, 2021 5:20 pm)
It can be done so imagine it.

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Re: Covid "jab" and Nhs.

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All the NHS reforms Cameron introduced are to be abolished. Thus Terrys synopsis is for the time being.

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