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Re: Listening habits

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A listening sesh might involve wine instead of tea, which if it does there is an music enjoyment curve that peaks after a couple of glasses and diminishes after that, waking up dry mouthed on Sofa at 1am. At least these days there is is no kerrtunk,kertunk from the turntable.
Ahh Peter Belt - I still find books with a piece of paper inserted , and the ocassional mains plug with lines filed into the pins, none of it made any difference but was fun :dance:
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Re: Listening habits

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karatestu wrote: Wed Nov 23, 2022 4:48 pm Many of you will probably have little habits or rituals you go through when doing some serious listening (not just background music).

I have to admit that I have my own.

Feet usually up on a foot support, cup of tea at the side of me and low lighting if late.

I recently succumbed to buying a cheap pair of reading glasses (lowest magnification I could find).. Must be my age :hand: Anyway, if I am reading a book or my tablet whilst listening I often find myself putting the tablet down and taking my glasses off when an interesting bit comes along. For some reason I need to look over at the centre point between the speakers and "see" the various musicians laid out in front of me. Can't do that with bloody glasses on.

Yes I have lost the plot :shhh:
Stu I do exactly the same, honestly 100% the same and the more atmospheric the music the lower the lights go until I am listening in the dark but first it's the glasses off routine 😁

Ps The Peter Belt thing shows just how easy it is take a section of participants for an amusing ride - and yes I remember giving one of his ideas a go before the ex pragmatic engineer in me told myself to get a grip.
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